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Activity Day Circus Skills October 2017

Sapphire was the final group to take part in circus skills. They started the afternoon with a workshop on balance, where they used peacock feathers and balanced them initially on their fingers. They then progressed to making their feathers jump and also ‘javelin’ throwing the feathers into a balance. Finally they also took part in the ‘Ultimate Feather Off’ in which Sam was victorious! As with the other groups, in the free time, the children enjoyed the pedal racers, spinning plates and of course, the dressing up!!


Ruby class were the third class to take on the circus skills on Activity Day 1. They started the session with a master class in plate spinning. They managed to keep the spinning plates on their sticks and even do this while lying on the floor! The also passed a spinning plate around the circle displaying good teamwork skills. They then finished the session with free choice, where they tried juggling scarves, pedal racers and stilts.

Emerald Class enjoyed a fantastic session finding out how to use ‘flower’ sticks. They started off the session learning how to kick the flower stick up from their foot onto the orange sticks. Following this, they learnt how to roll the flower stick up and down their arms followed by another jump. Then they added spins of the flower to their routine before adding a final trick to rapturous applause! At the end of the session, they all enjoyed exploring the other circus tricks available plus some fabulous dressing up!

Diamond Class had an amazing session with Paul from Shooting Stars Circus Skills. To start with, they all got to grips with the diablos, learning a range of tricks; then they learnt how to juggle both column and cascade style with scarves and then finally they had some free time where they were spinning plates and riding on a range of cycles. Amazing, formidable, awesome and cool were some of the words used to describe the session. Look out for circus skills equipment coming to playtimes soon!