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Activity Day Poetry - October 2017

Sapphire Class were the final class to take part in the poetry workshop with Andy Tooze. He started the session sharing some body part poems from his book which allowed opportunities for plenty of actions! The children then had to select their own body part to be the topic of their own poem. These ranged from tummies to fingers! A few then performed their creations to the rest of the class. Well done!!

Ruby Class enjoyed a session of performance poems with Andy Tooze. They were absolutely brilliant copying the actions and learning some of the repeating words and phrases. They then created some short class poems based on their favourite things.

Diamond Class had an amazing session with Andy Tooze. He shared some of his own poems and then went onto sharing his top tips for writing poems. The children then had ten minutes to create their own poem on their hopes, fears and ambitions for the future. Many of the children then confidently performed their poems to the rest of the class.

Emerald Class were the first to have their poetry workshop. They performed action poems with Andy Tooze before hearing some of his poems. The children then wrote poems about their favourite animals - ranging from penguins to bulls!