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Activity Week - October

ACTIVITY WEEK - take a look at some of the things we did just before half term:
In Year Five, we have been looking at seasonal food and the impact on the environment. Have a look at the pictures of us cooking spaghetti bolognese and autumnal fruit crumble.
In Year Four, we have been finding out about where fish and beef come from. Have a look at the pictures of us making our own beef burgers and salmon and cod bites.
In Year Three, we started the day by tasting different cheeses. The smoked cheese seemed to be our favourite whilst the brie and stilton were less popular. We used cream cheese to make cheese and leek parcels and a healthy cheesecake.
In Year Two, we have been finding out all about bread. We discovered how it is made and then had a go ourselves. We used the claw and bridge method to chop up toppings for the pizzas.
In Year One, we have been finding out about where fruit comes from. We tasted some new fruits like passion fruit and sharon fruit, but bananas were our favourite. After lunch we used the claw and bridge method, to chop fruit to make mango and banana muffins.
All the children enjoyed their sessions on the climbing wall at the start of Activity Week. Children rose to the challenge, climbing up the two faces, including omitting certain colour hand and foot holds for extra challenge. It was brilliant to see children pushing themselves and enjoying taking part in an activity outside of the usual PE provision. As well as this, children took part in team work activities and archery.

Forest School Activity Week:

It’s not as easy as it looks!

Knots in rope and string and wool

Lashings for dream catchers, god’s eyes, stick men and lanterns

Names in sticks and printing with leaves

Hopscotch and quoits and weaving and sculpture

Dens and hammocks and stories

Challenging ourselves and working together…we did it all!

During activity week we learnt about the famous artist George Seurat and his ‘Pointillism’ technique. We used different medias to create our dotty autumn themed pictures. Some of us used cotton buds to dab into paint, we made small circles using crayons, felt tips and wax crayons, and we also created collages by rolling small balls of tissue paper. We have created a display in the hall to share some of our work.