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Autumn Term 2017

On Thursday 30th November, Diamond Class’s topic culminated in a class assembly followed by the sharing of their homework projects. The assembly included a short play about the plague in Eyam and then children shared different examples of their written work with the audience.

The children then spent the next hour displaying and discussing with parents and younger members of the school, their projects which ranged from Power Point presentations to paper mache rats and mosquitoes to a doctor’s tool boxes. All of the projects were amazing and the children should be immensely proud of their efforts. Well done everyone… the work produced this term has been phenomenal!

While the footballers were out, mid November, the rest of Diamond Class set about applying their counterbalance skills using the apparatus in the hall. As you can see from the photos, the children worked exceedingly hard on producing strong, stable balances with their partner. Well done class - the trust, teamwork and communication was really impressive.

Just before October half term, the children of Diamond Class took part in a fire safety workshop. They revised making a fire plan from Year 2 but then also looked at the main causes of fire in the home and how to make houses as safe as possible. There was a good mix of anecdotes and shock to get the important messages across.

Fortunately the weather behaved for us this time around and the staff and pupils of Diamond Class were able to enjoy a fantastic day in the Plague Village of Eyam.

We walked up to the Riley Graves, where the children put together an emotive class poem on the story of Mrs Hancock who had to drag the bodies of six of her children and her husband to the top of the village to bury them. Following this, we visited the Plague Cottages. Unfortunately the recent rain scuppered any chance of getting to the Cucklet Delph-the path was an impassable bog! We then explored the museum and the church.

The children seemed really enthused by visiting the place which we have been studying as part of our topic. Keep your eyes peeled for a display in the school hall and also remember our class assembly is in the diary for the end of November.

At the beginning of October, Diamond Class spent the afternoon with Miss Johnston preparing pages for their sketch books for the Eyam trip next week. The children discussed the mood of the topic and how different shapes and colours could help represent this. As you can see the children have come up with some fantastic and unique ideas.

The Plague Doctor visited us at the end of September in order to launch into our ‘What else lives with you topic?’ part of which focusses on Eyam and The Plague. David brought the topic to life with his fantastic props: black fingers, rats, crushed emeralds and also the smells of a rather unhygienic London street. It was a brilliant way to get our topic started and we can’t wait for our visit to Eyam next week.

On 26th September, Diamond Class enjoyed their first session with the Rugger Eds. The coaches lead the children through a range of skills, drills and small games which helped to develop their co-ordination, agility and teamwork skills. It was a brilliant session and we can’t wait for the next one.

At the beginning of term, Sarah Evans from Chesterfield Sports Partnership came in to train up this year’s mini leaders. A great time was had by all as the leaders learnt how to plan, deliver and organise activity sessions. Well done to everyone who took part and good luck in your new roles.