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Spring Term 2018

In March, the Year 5 children started their Bikeability course. On the first day, they completed their session on the playground, where they demonstrated their bike control in a range of games and drills. Then on day 2, the children headed out into the village to apply their control to turns in and out of Riggotts Way. The children will be completing their course after Easter.

In March, the Year 6 children took their bikes to the road in order to complete their Bikeability Level 2. They all started in the playground, where they played small games to demonstrate their bike control before heading into the village. Once in the village, the children learnt how to safely complete different turns in and out of junctions. Thanks to the Bikeability Team for teaching us a fantastic life skill.

Just before February half term, Mrs Tokunaga treated the After School Clubbers to an evening in the forest. The children enjoyed a couple of hours of exploring the site; sliding down the mud slide; making hot chocolate and building seats for an obstacle course. As you can see, they had a brilliant time.

On Wednesday 14th February, the Y5/Y6 pupils going on the summer residential to Borrowdale started their fundraising towards the trip. With it being Valentine’s Day, the children baked heart biscuits to sell to parents and children at the end of the day. They spent the morning baking and the afternoon decorating their treats. Look out for future fundraisers – Easter buns will be next term’s project.

In February, Diamond Class started their mountain art work with Miss Johnston. They started the session by working in pairs, describing the textures and lines that they would expect to use. They then worked in their sketch books, creating mountain pages. Over the next few weeks look out for their painting in the style of Nicholas Roerich, where they will use powder paint in a way that they probably never have before.

On Wednesday 24th January 2018, the pupils of Diamond Class took part in their first mini sitting volleyball games. The children were challenged to apply their new skills of tipping, ‘digging’ and setting the ball. They played with a balloon ball and this allowed some super rallies to take place. Marianna was designated umpire and managed the scoring and rotations brilliantly. To ensure the teams were even, Mrs Wright ‘unfortunately’ had to include herself in the games too! The pupils loved the session, and used adjectives such as epic, awesome, hectic and fantastic to describe their experiences. Roll on next week!

In January, Diamond Class carried out a range of experiments in order to find out how mountains are formed. Slices of bread was used to demonstrate how fold mountains form, balloons and tissue paper was used to show how dome mountains are formed and also icing and foil was used to represent volcanic mountains.