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Summer Term 2018

On Tuesday 12th June we waved goodbye to our blackbird family. The baby birds finally found the confidence to fly off. After a few practices they made it. As you can see the birds looked very ready to leave the nest behind in the morning. It had become too small for 5 big babies!  Our nest is now empty. We are staying hopeful that Mummy Blackbird might come and visit us again in Reception.

We have continued to have lots of activity on the bird nest. All 5 eggs have now hatched and the children in Ruby Class are watching their progress day by day.  Have a look at the photos of the nest we have taken. The baby birds are getting bigger each day as you will see! J

We are very excited in Ruby class to have a blackbird nesting on top of our carpet roll in the outside entrance area to the classroom.  Mrs Bird has now laid 5 eggs and is sitting on them most of the time. We have our fingers crossed that her eggs hatch so watch this space for further news!