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Every child should feel valued, respected, and cared for. Achieving and caring together.

History of the School

The school on its present site was opened in August 1884, but Cutthorpe has had a village school since 1860. 'On the morning of the 18th, a line of children walked past the Green, past the Peacock Inn and turned right into the new school yard. What a pleasant surprise it must have been and what a sight, for there stood a brand new brick built school complete with belfry. 153 children settled into school on that first day.'  The school was run by Brampton Board School, under the watchful eye of Mr. Lindsay and his two teachers, Amy Hancock and Herbert Needham. 



At the end of September 1903, the school became the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council and has remained so up until today.



Mr. James Lindsay (above) was the first Headteacher of the new school and occupied the post up until his retirement in 1921 being succeeded by Mr. Oscar Shemwell. The school has had a procession of Headteachers up until its present Headteacher, Mr James Dowse. Today we have just short of 100 pupils in the school, but school life isn't any less busy as the children take part in many forms of extra-curricular activities, just as they did in the beginning. 



The school building hasn't changed in appearance much over the last 140 years, it still has many of the quirky features that could be found in Mr Lindsay's day. This is just another thing that makes Cutthorpe Primary School unique.

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